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icecream1Summer cool, light, orange, sweet but not too sweet.  Make use of available fruit to serve scoops of pure delight.


8 Tangerines
20% fat sour cream 14.1096 oz/ 400 grams
1 tin Condensed milk


1. Peel and segment the Tangerines and,  using a blender, grind to a pulp.
2. For a smoother result you can pass the pulp through a sieve (optional).
3. Then, in the blender, mix the sour cream, condensed milk and tangerine puree.
4. Pour the mass into a plastic container and in the freezer.

Now,: in order to get a fluffy, icicle-free cream, mix the mass every hour or two.

Serve with a sprig of mint.
or, with syrup you can make yourself, from juice pressed from two Tangerines, slowly cooked and constantly stirred  with 1 table spoon of sugar over low heat.

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tfgks1Enjoy!  and Bon Appetit